Compile-time checks

API calls often require some parameters. Should we miss those parameters when performing a request, either the client will produce a runtime error or the server will reject our request. On the other hand, paperclip's generated client code uses markers to avoid this problem at compile-time.

For example, in the previous example, in order to fetch a pet, petId parameter is required. Let's change the main function in the above example to fetch a pet without its ID.

let pet = Pet::get_pet_by_id().send(&client).await?;

If we try and compile the program, then we'll get the following error:

error[E0599]: no method named `send` found for type
in the current scope

Note that the struct PetGetBuilder1 has been marked with MissingPetId. And, send is implemented only when the builder has PetIdExists marker.

Hence the fix would be to set the required parameter using the relevant method call (which transforms the builder struct).

let pet = Pet::get_pet_by_id()

... and the code will compile.

The same applies to using API objects (with required fields). For example, the addPet operation requires Pet object to be present in the HTTP body, but then Pet object itself requires id and name fields.

So, if we did this:

let pet = Pet::add_pet().send(&client).await?;

... we'd get an error during compilation:

no method named `send` found for type `codegen::pet::PetPostBuilder<
>` in the current scope

As we can see, the builder struct has been marked with MissingId and MissingName, but again send is implemented only if the struct had IdExists and NameExists markers.

Now, we change the code to:

let pet = Pet::add_pet()

... and the code will compile.

Similarly, the types of arguments are also enforced.

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